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Becoming an educator in the creative industry is a goal that I know quite a few of you have! You love to teach, have valuable content to share, and want to help others in the industry grow, just like so many helped you!   But how do you market yourself as an educator?     […]

8 Tips to Market Yourself as an Educator!

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So many forms of marketing, so little time.   Between Instagram posts, Insta-Stories, Facebook, Blogging, Pinterest, and Email Marketing our heads can SPIN when it comes to planning content for our audience.   But there’s one B I G reason Instagram planning is not only a piece of cake, but it’s so much FUN for […]

Using Social Squares for Your Creative Business (plus a BTS video!)

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Hey, C@H-ers! I’m Christine Dore Trant, and I’m a story strategist. I specialize in helping creative entrepreneurs share their stories and attract their dream clients through content creation! I am a Round 7 alum, and thrilled to be talking to y’all today about two things I adore: content and royalty!     When you think […]

What the British Royalty Gets Right about Content Creation

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