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kick-the-dust-off-I’m-done-holding-back-from-my-dreams feeling.




The year for you.

We’ve hosted 7 conferences in 3 years, and while picking a favorite may feel like picking a favorite child (or dog ... or flavor of ice cream) - we’ve got a feeling 2018 is going to be THE year.

hand-me-the-tissues-please moments.

We’re all about practical, TANGIBLE take-aways taught alongside heartfelt, 

Creative at Heart began in January 2015 and since then, we’ve traveled to 7 cities around the country & have over 300 alumni who are currently movers & shakers in the industry. We engage in educational sessions led by the leaders you stalk online (um, who really are JUST human, too), provide smaller panel groups specific to your craft, and hands-on break-out sessions to stretch those creative muscles.

the facts

This is for you if you’ve been in business 3-4 years, and you’re ready to re-group, re-direct & re-ignite your business flame.

This is for you if full-time is still a budding dream, and you’re tired of saying “no” to the “what-if’s” and “coulda-woulda’s”.

This is for you if you’re in the wedding industry OR not in the wedding industry (promise!), because being a creative at heart is more than just wedding day timelines & off-camera flash. 

We want all of you - yep, every single one - to feel welcome when you walk through our doors.

Who is this for?

This isn’t for you if you’re not fired up about being a #bosslady & would rather be learning the hard lessons alone.

This isn’t for you if you’re just fine working from home alone day in & day out without ever getting any real, “girl, me too!” moments with women who think just like you.
This isn’t for you if you’d rather keep your hard earned dollars in the bank, never reaping the benefits of investing in an experience that leads to even more dollars.

Just 'cause we want all of you to feel welcome doesn't mean we'll be the best fit - we get that - and we hope you'll find a space that is

Who is this not for?

Both our Keynote & Breakout sessions teach on topics that can be carried across a wide array of industries; you’ll also receive one-on-one time in panel sessions specific to your craft. 

… you are welcome here. 

We cater to anyone & everyone who calls themselves a “creative at heart” - from designers to photographers to hand-letterers to planners to strategists to shop owners

Ready to be attend of round 8?
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Just like 2017, we're focusing on one conference & one conference only this year. We’re building a conference that's raising the bar in the education industry... will you join us? 

Small is the new big. Quality really does beat quantity. And intention always beats ____. 

We have our sights set on North Carolina in the fall - lush leaves, gorgeous weather & 100 new (and old) friends! Over the past 4 years, we've learned a thing or two about what we want in a conference experience. Wanna know what stands out to us the most?

Our 2018 Conference

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Can’t make it to Round 8? We’ve got some online resources brewing, too!

I can’t wait to see you there! 

Want to know more about Kat?! Connect with her here!

C@H is a safe space for bold dreams to grow, confidence to take root & results to happen. 

Sure, I have a cool sounding title & get to meet women (like you) all over the country. But C@H isn’t about me, it’s about YOU. All of you. Every single one. 

Creative at Heart isn’t about me.

I needed women who got it, too. 

I’m an independant lady myself; I get pretty excited when I figure something out on my own (insert office dance party for one). Without a doubt, I love what I do & do what I love. Having boss lady status works for me & I’m sure it works for you.
But you know what? 

10 months after pressing submit on my LLC application for Dear Sweetheart Events, I realized that going at it alone might be the death of me - and my dreams. As much as I thrive under pressure, the late nights spent googling were becoming too much. I needed help.

for the better.

I love seeing like-minded women challenge one another -

I get fired up over bringing creatives together

Founder and Visionary

Kat Schmoyer

The Team

Emily is Kat’s all around go-to girl! From emails to invoices to marketing, Emily works hard behind the scenes assisting Kat in every aspect of the Creative at Heart experience. She keeps our instagram looking fabulous, sends Kat emoji-filled texts, & serves our attendees effortlessly. She’s a C@H Round 3 alumni and her very favorite part of conference weekend is the open, honest & heartfelt conversations that take place in panel groups.

Conference Administrator

Emily Yost

Let’s be honest, Matt got roped into all this because of his crazy wife’s dreams! But you know what? He’s her biggest fan. Between running the AV, helping source (and eat) the meals & driving her all over the country (literally), he’s her knight in shining Redskins attire. He’s been there for every conference & spends the downtime with the C@H Husbands wearing bathrobes at the Late Night Treat (you don’t want to miss it!).

Conference Husband

Matt Schmoyer

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