(yes, here's to you!)

Here's to
the creatives

“Because of Creative at Heart, I was able to begin implementing a plan to actually make a living doing what I love. C@H gave me the permission I needed to give myself to follow my passion and make a difference in the lives of my clients. Because of C@H I am no longer insecure about being a "work from home" wife. Because of C@H, I know that I have a family and sisterhood of amazing creatives that I can turn to. Because of C@H, I feel free in knowing that I can build an incredible business, while being unapologetically myself. I am so thankful for this opportunity - it has truly been life changing.” "Because of C@H, I learned that the essence of a true leader is rooted in servanthood, and the desire to encourage, uplift, and love those around you." “Because of Creative at Heart, I realized I had so much to learn from entrepreneurs outside of my own industry. Before attending C@H, I didn't think deeply enough about my client experience. I spent too much time worrying about the final product and making it perfect, and too little time getting to know my clients intimately and making them feel special every step of the way. Because of the spirit of the conference, I was able to learn from the best in a variety of industries and left with tons of ideas about how to tweak to apply to my own niche.”

Creative at heart is

for the hustler, the go-getter, the dream-chaser

for passionate, like-minded women

an experience by creatives, for creatives

more than a conference, it’s a lifestyle

Video by The Herrintons

The Creative at Heart Team

- Kat, Matt & Emily

 We’re here because of creatives like you

We’re here for creatives like you.

Welcome home.

I’m not quite sure why you’re here, but I’m sure glad you are! You’re invited here. You’re welcome here. And I want to know you - the real you. The you sitting in your guest bedroom-turned-office having a one woman dance party when you book that dream client. The you crying over cookie dough & wine because running a business is so much harder than you ever imagined. And the you who gets downright fired up over the thought of being your own boss, doing your own thing & doing it every single day. 

Maybe a friend mentioned our name so you hopped over to take a peek, 
maybe you’re an alumni ready to come back, or maybe you found us through the Instagram-scroll. Whatever your reason for stopping by, Thank You.

Here's to the Creatives
(yes, here's to you!)

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(yes, here's to you!)

Here's to the Creatives