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The Education I’m Listening to in 2020


 The Education I’m Listening to in 2020 // Creative at Heart (relevant hashtags: #education #2020goalsetting #creativeatheart #smallbusinesseducation

We’ve all been there. 


Scrolling through Facebook looking at what your friends from college are up to (who married who, the name of their recent dog…) and then WHAM you see: 


FREE WEBINAR on how to WORK less and MAKE more. 


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You’re hit with ad after ad demanding you stop the scroll and zero in on what they have to say. Business owners claiming to share their well learned tips & tricks for making more, working less, upleveling this or launching that. 


It’s a bit exhausting, isn’t it? 


In the creative bubble we can sometimes feel inundated with “do more” tactics. Tactics meant to HELP, but tactics that add to our growing to-do list and clutter our mental space. 

 The Education I’m Listening to in 2020 // Creative at Heart (relevant hashtags: #education #2020goalsetting #creativeatheart #smallbusinesseducation


Founder of Social Squares & past Creative at Heart educator Shay Cochrane recently shared on her Instagram stories a challenge for all business owners and I couldn’t help but nod my head & throw up praise hands! She explained that business owners need to stop listening to EVERY educator and instead need to go 1,000 feet deep with 2-3 educators. 


Rather than skimming the surface with 15 educators, why not dig in deep with the 2-3 that resonate the most with you? 


Instead of taking a few tips from a dozen creatives you follow online, why not enter into a true mentorship program with 2-3 where you take in ALL they have to say & begin implementing those tactics in your business? 


It reminds me of Jesus’ disciples. They weren’t following TONS of men like Jesus – they picked one (Jesus) and chose to devote all they could to His teachings in order to see radical life change. 


I’m not planning to sell all my possessions & give it all up for 2-3 educators 😉 but I AM taking Shay’s advice in 2020… and I think you should, too. 


This year, I’m planning to go 1,000 feet deep with a small but mighty crew. Business owners I look up to for a variety of reasons & wholeheartedly believe that if I follow their training & teaching, I will see more growth & business potential. 


I can’t completely block out the noise. I know I’ll still see ads for webinars & courses & free “do this & see big results” tools. But I can (and will) consciously choose to disregard. 


I won’t succumb to Facebook click-bait anymore. And I won’t let Instagram Stories fill my head with more chatter & clutter. 


Am I saying that everything you see on FB is bad or that every helpful biz-tip inspired IG Story is out to get you? Absolutely not!! I run ads & share biz content on instagram myself!! BUT I do think we need to be STRATEGIC and INTENTIONAL about the business content we give our time to. We cannot do it all – and it’s time we stop trying to. 


I want 2020 to be the year I niche down and do what I do well. I don’t want to pick up trinkets of useful information everywhere; instead I want to go to the sources I have deemed worthy enough to speak into my business and learn from them. 


This year, I’m going to focus my attention on 3 key educators for my business: 


  • Graham CochraneI recently finished up a year long coaching program with him, and I know without a doubt his podcast + blog can still provide so much insight into my life. 
  • Stu McLarenHe’s the guru of all things membership and as I work to continue serving the Creative 24/7 community, I know he’s the guy to learn from!  
  • My own inner tribe of women – I believe we can all get to a point in business where we know exactly what to do, but just need help DOING it! I feel that in a few areas of my biz & plan to lean even deeper into my inner tribe to hold me accountable & verbally process with..*


*Side-note on this: This inner tribe should not consist of more than 3 women. Just like being intentional with the educational content you consume, you should be intentional with the voices that speak into your business. Having several women in your life who know the ins & outs of your business and can strategically help you make moves is vital for business growth! Practically this looks like group zoom calls to check in, voxer support throughout the week and generally knowing I have women who’ve “got my back” when I need the extra support & encouragement the most! 


Are you planning to use this strategy in your business this year? If so, I’d love to hear the educators you plan to dig in deep with – comment below & let me know! 


your cheerleader, kat 


  1. Yes! So well said. I tend to jump in to too many things in general, but because I love to learn and love the camaraderie of other women business owners, it’s even more of a problem with education. I’m taking your advice! Thank you.

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