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How To Blog When You Think You Have Nothing To Say


I’m a huge fan of blogging. It’s a big part of my workflow process because of a very big reason. My blog is one of the biggest things that helped me go from booking 10 weddings a year to going full-time and booking over 30 weddings per year. It’s this HUGE social platform that is just within our reach and the best part is that WE control the content. We don’t have to worry about Instagram’s algorithm or Facebook’s low reach and engagement. We can put out great content to help our readers, followers, and clients.

But what happens when you don’t know what to write? When that writer’s block hits and you just stare at that blinking cursor for hours? I hear SO many people say this, “I would blog, but I just don’t know what to write.” If this is how you’re feeling, then you’re in luck! I’m sharing my favorite tips on how to pull out inspiration and beat that writer’s block for your blog!

 How to Blog When You Think You Have Nothing To Say // Creative at Heart #blogging #business #marketing

First, if you’re feeling stuck on what to write, think about what your blog should do. For me, I believe blogs have five key purposes. They should educate, showcase your newest work, inspire others, share your personal side, and motivate your readers. You can do all of these things in different ways and that’s what will make your blog unique.

You can pull from these purposes at any time. Maybe you haven’t posted an inspirational piece in a while, maybe your readers are dying to know what you did during your week – use this when you are looking for inspiration. My favorite of these is educational. You can always help people have better experiences by teaching them new things. Think about a pain point your client might have and find a way to help them fix it.

Another way to make sure you never feel stuck is to plan ahead. I create a blog calendar for every month so I know what I’m writing about each day. If you are blogging only once a week, you can create a calendar for six months! Take a morning to just sit down with your coffee and plan it out. You can always move things around later but if you have a plan in place it’s easier than just coming up with something from scratch the day you want to publish a post. My content calendar keeps me accountable! This way you’ll never worry about running out of things to post because you’ll be planning in advance.

Your voice matters! Most of the time when we get stuck writing it’s because we don’t think we have anything creative or original to say. Or we wonder if anyone will even read it. But I’m here to tell you that you DO matter and your voice is important. It’s unique and it’s yours. Just speak your truth and share what you know. Don’t worry about trying to sound like anyone else. There is beauty in our uniqueness and it deserves to be showcased. And know that I will totally read your blog post, so that’s one reader you can count on.

Still feeling stuck? Here are five posts ideas every creative can write about NOW!

“Welcome Y’all” – Introduce readers to your blog

“My Why” – Share why you started your business

“Behind the Scenes” – Take them on a tour of your home, office, or workspace

“10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me” – A great way to get your readers to engage with YOU

“My Process” – Teach them a step in your workflow


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