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Using Social Squares for Your Creative Business (plus a BTS video!)


So many forms of marketing, so little time.


Between Instagram posts, Insta-Stories, Facebook, Blogging, Pinterest, and Email Marketing our heads can SPIN when it comes to planning content for our audience.


But there’s one B I G reason Instagram planning is not only a piece of cake, but it’s so much FUN for me & my business: Social Squares


Using Social Squares for Your Creative Business (plus a BTS video!) // Creative at Heart #socialsquares #creativeatheart #instagramplanning #onbrand #businessbts #marketing


Shay Cochrane is a C@H Educator and the creator of Social Squares.


Social Squares is an image library for everyday boss-ladies looking for professional-quality imagery to share on the ‘gram & on other social platforms.



Finding an image to share can be one the hardest (and most time-consuming) things about Instagram. With this in mind, Shay created a one-stop shop for women like us!


Inside Social Squares you’ll not only find hundreds of quality images for a variety of brand aesthetic & content need, but also helpful tips & tricks for using all of the images!!



Social Squares is a monthly styled stock program and I’ve been a member since the very first month. Because Shay curates new images monthly, I’m able to constantly refresh my content calendar with quality images, and I can find everything I need in one easy-to-use hub.



I’m sharing a BTS look at my subscriber dashboard in Social Squares and explaining:


  • How I select the best images for my brand
  • Why I don’t download every image each month
  • How I easy & quickly store images to access on the go
  • How you can follow my copy/paste system to make sure you’re actively using images & avoiding the overwhelm of so many options!



Questions about Social Squares? I’d love to help! Comment below and don’t forget to join this awesome image community today!!


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