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What the British Royalty Gets Right about Content Creation


Hey, C@H-ers! I’m Christine Dore Trant, and I’m a story strategist. I specialize in helping creative entrepreneurs share their stories and attract their dream clients through content creation! I am a Round 7 alum, and thrilled to be talking to y’all today about two things I adore: content and royalty!



When you think of content creation, I’m going to take a wild guess and bet the British Royal Family doesn’t come to mind. When you think of content creation, your brain probably gravitates to great examples of blog posts you found helpful, social media accounts you love to follow, and online courses you gobbled up. Which are all great, but the best examples of great content are the ones you don’t even realize are strategized! That’s where my favorite royals come in.


The youngest generations of Great Britain’s royal family – William, Catherine (aka Kate), Harry, Meghan Markle, and their children – are seriously killing it with their content.


Official Family Portrait


Most of you are probably Americans, right? I am. And I love the royal family. Millions of us do! And we can’t even claim them as our own (as of 1776). It’s not just the glitz and glam – there are plenty of celebrities and other royals around the world who can dazzle us with gorgeous gowns and jewelry – there is something special about the residents of Kensington Palace. The content they create and share with the world creates, supports, and bolsters that special relationship we have with them!


Photo by Alysa Tarrant/Unsplash


The best part about the ways in which the Royal Family charm us with content is that we can absolutely take those same lessons and apply them to our businesses. Let’s take a look at the top 5 things the royals do oh-so-right with content, and how you can apply them to your biz.


 5 Things the British Royalty Gets Right about Content Creation – and Your Business Can, Too! // Creative at Heart #marketing #britishroyalty


1. Speak Directly to Your Audience


The Royal Family does an outstanding job of speaking directly to their audience – they engage with them one-on-one (even when they’re being pulled in many directions in a crowd) and speak directly to all of us in the public on a regular basis.


They use language we understand and appreciate. They break from tradition and made special announcements on social media. They even share their own family photos! It all makes us feel special, them feel relatable, and like we have a unique relationship to them.

In your business, take their lead and speak directly to your dream clients. Use their language in your brand voice (are you a photographer in the South? Sprinkle some y’alls into your writing! Catering to moms? Reference popular “mommy blogs” or products they use! Want to work with big-budget brides? Mention the gown designers they’d love!) to make it easy for them to instantly connect with you.


    Photo by Getty Images


2. Give a Nod to Nostalgia

 You’ve all seen the side-by-sides of Her Royal Highness, Duchess Catherine of Cambridge and her mother-in-law, Diana, right? Don’t think for a minute those moments were accidental!

Utilizing content to spark a feeling of nostalgia deepens a relationship. It’s why Facebook shows you old photos of your friends and family to repost, it’s why snack and soda brands release “throwback” packaging every so often, and so on – tapping into a sense of nostalgia makes you feel more connected to a brand, product, or person.

Think about how you can incur some nostalgia with your brand! Repost your most popular images on social media, follow-up on favorite projects, re-release an old favorite product, or reference a pop culture moment your dream client is sure to remember! Remember to link to your previous projects and posts to keep people engaged (and make Google very happy!)!

Photo by Getty Images

3. Collaborate!

Royal fashionistas HRH Duchess Catherine (nee Kate Middleton) and Meghan Markle make headlines – and boost retail business – when they’re spotted wearing affordable brands. While, yes, I’m sure these ladies genuinely love a great deal (who doesn’t?!), but they’re also utilizing their platforms to strengthen the economy of their kingdom.

The pieces they are seen wearing regularly sell out within hours of being identified, which floods local retail shops with new sales. A phenomenon that wouldn’t happen if they only wore haute couture or custom pieces! Not only that, it makes them all the more relatable (and lovable) for wearing something we can wear, too.

Call out your favorite brands and businesses in your content! Wearing a great J.Crew top in your latest Instagram photo? Tag ‘em! Loving on a new favorite book? Make sure the author and publisher know about it! Not only might they repost your content and significantly expand your reach, you will likely pick up fellow fans of that brand or businesses into your tribe!

Photo by Chris Jackson/AP

4. Keep Timing in Mind

The British Royal Family members are masters of strategic timing. Not only do they brilliantly space out fun family announcements to keep their fan base engaged, they do so in a way that maximizes the excitement.

When Catherine and William welcomed their third child, the excitement lasted far longer than just one announcement of the child’s birth. First, an announcement was made shortly after the baby was born that they welcomed a baby boy and that both mom and baby were doing well. Then, a few hours later (amazingly! That woman is superhuman!) Catherine and William left the hospital with their new bundle of joy, letting the public get the first glimpses of their new prince. Then, a few days later, the baby’s name, Louis Arthur Charles, was announced.

This one is a great lesson for launch content! Brainstorm how you can spread out your announcements, information, giveaways, throughout your content to keep the buzz going during the launch period. Think about spreading out those special announcements to keep the excitement going!

Photos by Getty Images

5. Speak Out Intentionally

One of my favorite things that the Royal Family does so beautifully is how they use their voices for good. They are regularly in attendance at charity events, but even more so – they tackle their own causes. And they do so in a graceful, poised, and very effective way.

We all have causes we care deeply about. Consider taking a page from the Royal Family’s book and doing so with your business! Channel their poise to thoughtfully and intentionally share about a cause near and dear to your heart through your content. I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised not only by how much of an impact your words will have, but by how much more engaged your audience becomes as they get to see a piece of your heart!

Photos by @KensingtonRoyal

Now get out there are start creating some royally awesome content!


Christine Dore Trant is a story strategist for creative entrepreneurs. Her experience as an editor in book publishing and editorial manager for an international content marketing agency fueled her love of storytelling and content creation. A Texan by birth, raised Floridian, and Pennsylvania alum, Christine is now living in Boston with her husband, and bugging him daily for a puppy.

Be sure to connect with Christine here: 

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