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8 Tips to Market Yourself as an Educator!


How to Market Yourself as an Educator in the Creative Industry // Creative at Heart #education #educatorforcreatives #creativeindustry #becominganeducator #teachingcreatives #smallbusinesseducator #marketing

Becoming an educator in the creative industry is a goal that I know quite a few of you have! You love to teach, have valuable content to share, and want to help others in the industry grow, just like so many helped you!


But how do you market yourself as an educator?


How to Market Yourself as an Educator in the Creative Industry // Creative at Heart #education #educatorforcreatives #creativeindustry #becominganeducator #teachingcreatives #smallbusinesseducator #marketing


You’re sharing content on your blog and giving tips & tricks with your IG audience via IG Stories… yet you still don’t feel like you’ve officially reached “educator” status.


While being an educator in our industry takes more than a good marketing strategy, there ARE marketing tactics that can help propel that aspect of your business forward!!


1. Call yourself an educator.


Y’all, this is no time for imposter syndrome! If you want other people to believe you’re one, YOU have to title yourself as such!! Make sure “educator” is alllll throughout your website copy, in your Instagram bio, and used on any podcast interviews or speaking bios you have to give.




Some days you may feel like all you ever do is give advice or tips, yet that’s EXACTLY what education is all about!! Your audience needs to see that you have value to give, and that you give it over & over again!! Now, this doesn’t mean you need to share EVERY day… but make sure your content calendar IS filled with pockets of education.


For example: I don’t send out a newsletter every single day, so technically I’m not giving educational content daily via that platform. But when I do send out a newsletter I try to make sure it’s packed with juicy bits of info my audience looks forward to hearing! I follow Gary Vaynerchuck Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook philosophy (Grab the book here!). Essentially: my rule of thumb is for every four newsletters, three are giving and one is selling (either a direct ask for a course, shop item, or affiliate link promotion).


3. Know your cornerstone topics


You should already have Content Buckets in your business (Check out my past video that dives into Content Buckets here!). Within your Content Buckets you want to have Cornerstone Topics!


I tell my coaching clients that they need to have educational pillars in their business. Educational pillars are your cornerstone topics!! What is your cornerstone content? What does your audience expect to hear you teach on? What would be too far out in left field? Understand exactly what your audience is looking for, and what you want to teach on, so that you can hone in and become a true EXPERT in that area!!


A few great examples of this?


Jessica Rasdall is a business coach for educators. She’s created cornerstone content teaching educators how to write signature talks, pitch speaking engagements, and all in all, become an educator!


Megan Martin is a marketing guru & website designer, and over the last year she has truly honed in on that with her blog, newsletter, and IG content!


Katelyn James focuses specifically on educating photographers; while some of her content can apply to other businesses, when most think of her they think of education for photographers!


If you’re not sure what your Cornerstone Content should be – think about all of the Content Buckets you have. Now ask yourself: Which ones are direct revenue streams in your business? Which ones are you asked about the most? When you share a post or write an article, which ones do people DM you about? That will give you a good idea of where to start with your Cornerstone Content!


4. Stay consistent.


Like everything else in business, you have to stay CONSISTENT with your education. There rarely is an “overnight success” in this industry. (And more boss ladies who LOOK like an overnight success have been doing their fair share of late nights & countless bumps prior to stardom.) Becoming known for the content you create will take TIME. You have to consistently share useful, helpful, and practical education to your tribe so that they keep coming back for more (and tell others all you have to share!).


5. Put yourself out there.


Just like #1, this isn’t the time for imposter syndrome. It’s time to throw your hat in the ring, so to speak!! Make a list of speaking engagements and podcasts you’d like to be apart of… then send those emails!! Connect with the host on IG, listen to past episodes or attend the event and then pitch a topic you think would be a good fit for both them AND you!


Sure, they may say “no” …but the truth is, you just don’t know! Maybe their calendar is full or maybe they love what you bring to the table… take the chance & don’t be afraid to hit “send”!


6. Don’t think you’re gonna make big bucks quickly.


Being seen as an educator in the industry can result in a new revenue stream for your business (coaching clients, creating an online shop, launching a course, etc.), however it takes TIME! Remember #2! You have to give-give-give FIRST!! Most speaking engagements in our industry pay very little (if at all), and podcasts interviews are free. You’ll spend time traveling, being interviewed, and writing new blog content… and in the beginning you will not see a FINANCIAL reward for that time spent. However you WILL grow your brand awareness around the fact that you are an educator. You will also hopefully grow your email list (by giving away free resources during those interviews & speaking engagements where an email is needed for them to access!), and in return grow your AUDIENCE! Speaking in the creative industry is not typically a substantial revenue stream for educators– however speaking LEADS your ideal client TO your revenue streams (course, coaching, shop, etc.)!


It’s a marathon, not a sprint. And if you’re jumping into education primarily to make six figures … well, let’s just say you may not be doing it for the right reasons 😉


7. Understand why you want to be seen as an educator.


That brings me to my last point: you need to have clear direction. Ask yourself: why do you want to be seen as an educator? Do you view “success” as speaking engagements & sold out courses?


(Sidenote: It’s okay if you do – I love having the ability to travel and teach boss ladies! And I also love that education is a true revenue stream for my business now! But this shouldn’t be the ONLY reason you want to be an educator!)


Maybe you love the idea of hosting a mastermind retreat or creating a passive income online shop? If you don’t have a clear goal in mind for WHY you want to educate, I highly doubt you’ll become an educator. Like a lot of things in our business, it will take hard work & dedication to market yourself as one & if you don’t know WHY you’re doing it, you’re likely to quit. Remember: it’s a marathon not a sprint!! Although I will say it’s MUCH more fun than running an actual marathon! 😉


8. Start using video in your business today!


I know video can be scary, but it’s necessary to show conference & podcast hosts that you’re comfortable in front of a camera & have expert advice to give! You do not need to go out and hire a videography team or add professional video to your website – you do need to start making Instagram Stories a regular part of your brand. We are in such a unique position in that we have video literally at our fingertips through Stories! Make it a priority to jump on IG Stories at least once (if not two-three times) per week & share relatable, actionable advice centered around your Content Buckets & Cornerstone Content.  

What do you think? Are you currently trying to market yourself as an educator? What additional questions do you have? Leave me a comment below!!



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