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We are not currently sourcing educators for the conference, however you're welcome to apply for a future round! 

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We consider our educators to be some of the very best in the industry. They give selflessly of their time & talent to pour into our attendees at our 3-day conference, and we are so grateful!! We stand firm on our mission to "encourage & equip" & we want the education our attendees to receive to be both practical & tangible AND motivational & inspirational. We want them to walk away with the action-steps needed to achieve their next business steps, and also feeling a sense of camaraderie & community with industry “celebs” they’ve looked up to for so long.

We expect our speakers to be brand ambassadors for C@H. It is our desire to uplift and support every educator who graces our stage, teaches a breakout session or leads a panel group. We hope to form a relationship that is mutually beneficial & a friendship that goes beyond our few days together. We are currently seeking women & men to apply as a 2021 educator and hope to create a diverse lineup filled with various backgrounds, stories, industries & experiences.

We have 3 types of educators: Keynote, Breakout & Panelists.
Keynote sessions are hosted on the main-stage; Breakout sessions are "attendee choice" and vary in size & style; Panel Groups are industry specific small group time. All educators receive waived registration. In terms of additional compensation: our Keynote educators are compensated for travel/lodging and time/talent based on experience level; Breakout educators are compensated for lodging; Panelists do not receive additional compensation. 

Thank you so much for your interest in serving the Creative at Heart family!! 

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