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C@H Family Feature

This year, for Round 10 of C@H, we had some seriously incredible sponsors! Each year, we have such incredible businesses supporting us and we think it can’t possibly get better… and then it does. Round 10 brought some of the most amazing sponsors our way and we’re thrilled to be sharing them with you today!  […]

Creative at Heart Round 10 Sponsors

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Creative at Heart Round 10 photo recap


Round 10 is done! Can you believe it?! Our 10th year of the Creative at Heart Conference has come and gone. When I sat down to write this recap, I found myself feeling a little more emotional than past years. I don’t know if it’s just because of the delay (thanks to the pandemic), smaller […]

Creative at Heart Round 10 Recap

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3 Things we learned from Creative at Heart Conference: Owner of Stationery HQ shares what she learned from attending C@H Round 10 as a creative entrepreneur. Guest post on Creative at Heart blog


I’d been following the team at Creative at Heart on Instagram for quite awhile. At first it was because they posted pretty pictures (mmm, shiny stuff). But then, it became obvious they provided really great information for Creative Entrepreneurs – who happen to be my favorite group of people on the planet. I’m the Creative […]

3 Things We Learned from the Big Hearted Brainiacs at C@H Guest Post by Erin from Stationery HQ

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Stationery HQ, Round 10 sponsor for Creative@Heart Conference, shares how to use paper goods to enhance your client experience in your service-based or product-based business

C@H Family Feature

We’re SO excited to be introducing you to one of our sponsors for Creative@Heart Round 10: Stationery HQ! Stationery HQ is an incredible digital printing company with so many beautiful products from notebooks and mugs to wrapping paper and wedding suites. No matter what kind of business you run, Stationery HQ has something that will […]

Tips for Using Paper Goods in Your Business Stationery HQ and Creative at Heart

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Becoming an educator in the creative industry is a goal that I know quite a few of you have! You love to teach, have valuable content to share, and want to help others in the industry grow, just like so many helped you!   But how do you market yourself as an educator?     […]

8 Tips to Market Yourself as an Educator!

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Coffee Chats with Kat

Coffee Chats with Kat is a weekly, candid video series with Creative at Heart founder, Kat Schmoyer. Creative at Heart’s mission is to encourage dreams & equip business so in true C@H fashion, Kat’s asked industry experts to do just that! These videos are unscripted & unedited – meant to feel like we’re all sitting […]

Freedom + Money with Keina Newell

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