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Coffee Chats with Kat

Freedom + Money with Keina Newell


Coffee Chats with Kat is a weekly, candid video series with Creative at Heart founder, Kat Schmoyer. Creative at Heart’s mission is to encourage dreams & equip business so in true C@H fashion, Kat’s asked industry experts to do just that! These videos are unscripted & unedited – meant to feel like we’re all sitting down together at your fave local coffee shop. Sit back, relax & enjoy!

How to Make Blogging Count // Creative at Heart #blogging #smallbusiness #coffeechatswithkat #herestothecreatives #bloggingandbusiness


Freedom and Money // Creative at Heart #smallbusiness #coffeechatswithkat #herestothecreatives #freedomandmoney

In today’s episode, financial expert Keina Newell of Wealth Over Now jumped on to talk all about MONEY! 



Keina talked about MINDSET shifts small business owners need to make to change their opinions on money PLUS a few practical tips we can do THIS WEEK to feel more confident with our business books!!



Watch the video today! 




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