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Facebook Newsfeed Change – Tips for Staying Relevant



Have you noticed a decline in engagement on your business Facebook page since the January 2018 announcement about the drastic Facebook newsfeed changes that were being rolled out? The change also affected your personal page as well. Yup, that’s right–the content you’re mostly seeing now is content that Facebook has deemed as important to you based on your activity. But what does this mean for your business Facebook page?

Start with these four tips to help you stay relevant on Facebook while still developing content that resonates with your audience:

Tips for Staying Relevant with the Facebook Newsfeed Changes // Creative at Heart #socialmedia #facebook #business #marketing

1. Listen To Connect with Your Audience

Don’t shove content in the face of your audience; no one likes to be forced fed. Instead practice listening to those you serve. This is one major way to stay relevant with the changes Facebook has made. For example, if you’re a wedding photographer, pay attention to the pain-points that your couples share with you. You can be the problem-solver to their pain points. You can be the go to wedding professional that they must have for their special celebration because you are the expert–from what they see based on the content you share.

Be there for the micro-content; the instant how to’s, why’s and have to know content that your audience is frequently searching for.

2. Ask And You Shall Receive

Questionnaires, polls, and surveys are great places to start. This means allow you to place content ideas in front of your audience (on social media) and your potential clients. Use this feedback to develop header and cornerstone content.  

3. Facebook Groups Are Your Secret Treasure

Explore Facebook groups that are specifically catered to your audience. Using the wedding photographer example, look for Facebook groups (of value) that are focused on helping couples plan their wedding. Pay attention to popular topics that are presented and test this content with your audience. This is a great way to cypher new ideas while repurposing content you’ve created along the way.

4. Organic Reach Isn’t Dead–Start Blogging

Pay attention to the analytical data provided through your website from your blog posts–what content does your audience resonate with. Develop more of that and repurpose it accordingly. Don’t focus so much on the quantity of blog posts you’re developing, but moreso the quality. Use these same blog posts to develop cornerstone content and develop a content creation strategy to repurpose content accordingly.
If you think repurposing content is a waste of time think again. The reason why this is valuable is because your content isn’t always seen the date it’s released. You’re gaining new eyes everyday and those new eyes may not have seen last week’s Facebook-LIVE or blog post.

“Staying relevant starts with cornerstone content that allows you to connect more than one time.”

There are several ways to connect your cornerstone content with your audience, but first you must have a plan. If you’re a wedding planner and you know how to save couples time with decor, then talk about that. If you’re a wedding photographer and you know how important it is to do a First-Look (because couples receive more images), talk about that and share how it can help your couples. If you’re a real estate agent selling in a high-end market and know how to engage with your buyers through visuals like video then showcase that by having quality video content accompanied by written show-notes or additional written information for your audience.

“Think global and mobile…local is not enough.”

Your target audience mostly uses their mobile phones, so it’s important for you to connect with them using content that they can find via their smartphones. Position yourself to resonate with them by having content that answers their “how, why, and have to know” questions. It is the motivation behind connecting with your target audience, which will bring them back again and again to your content. It will also motivate them to share your content with others which puts you first on their newsfeed.

So, challenge yourself to take a few days or however long you can commit to developing your content creation strategy and plan. In the beginning it may seem like a waste of time, but it’s not. Organic reach on Facebook still works if you focus on being more human and connecting your audience.

If you’re struggling with content creation or need help with a content creation plan, LEARNWITHAC has a great Content Creation Webinar Series that you can sign-up for. This series also includes a downloadable content creation tracker that will help you to stay on track and develop a schedule for your audience. You can also check out this blog post for more content creation tips!

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  1. RoGina says:

    I always used Facebook Groups to research and learn about topics I was interested in. I never thought to join one as a marketing tool to see how my ideal customer thinks. Thanks for this tip!

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