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How to Grow your Email List using Interact


We’ve talked about email marketing a bit here on the blog. And you may remember from this post that we’ve mentioned some specifics to create an opt-in for your business.

We recently took a whirl at a new method of list building, and wanted to share the ins & outs with you!

 How to Grow Your Email List Using Interact // Creative at Heart #emaillist #growingyourlist #marketing #creativeatheart #interact

Creating an Online Quiz

An online quiz is a unique way to capture leads; it’s typically a fun & interactive experience for your audience (think buzzfeed-style quizzes!) and ends with golden nuggets of biz wisdom, while also leaving you with with you want – their email address.

Recently, we created a quiz ourselves (What’s Your Creative Personality?) using Interact and learned a bit about quiz creation along the way. Before we dive into that though let’s break down WHY a quiz is a worthwhile email-magnet for your business:

Quizzes allow the user to learn something new, while also consuming content in a unique way. (We can’t be the only one who gets caught up in “Which Harry Potter Character Are You?” and “What NSYNC Song Best Describes You?”! ) Yet quizzes are also incredibly helpful for the creator:

    • Quizzes are usually faster to create then your typical lead magnet (workbook, e-guide, etc.)


    • Quizzes are easy to create (especially with a tool like Interact!)


  • Quizzes allow you to immediately segment your audience


Let’s talk more in depth about that last one – quizzes allow you to immediately segment your audience. If you are using a tool like Interact, you are able to segment based on specific questions AND the overall answer they receive. This means you can begin nurturing your lead immediately since you have access to very specific information about them.

An example of this would be in our very own quiz. We ask: How long have you been in business? And based on the answer, we can immediately tailor content depending on if you’ve been in business 1 year or 5 years!  

We used Interact to build our quiz, and while we don’t have experience with several quiz building tools, we had a great experience with Interact! Their customer service was incredibly friendly & helpful with questions we had, and their quiz building process is pretty self explanatory on the back end (and you know from this blog post, I’m not design savvy!).



While we highly suggest using a tool like Interact when building out your quiz, I know the pain point for some of you is always the content your quiz should hold!! You may be asking:

  • What questions do I ask?
  • How do I make it fun and business-y?
  • What should the results be?


The best thing to do is work backwards. Start with your END result! Ask yourself:

  • What is the purpose of the quiz (besides overall list building)?
  • Would you like the quiz to be a lead magnet that funnels the user to a product or service you’re launching?


It helps to have a big picture view of the quiz strategy before jumping into creating questions.

I worked closely with Lauren Carnes on the communication strategy behind our What’s Your Creative Personality? quiz so that our brand would not only offer a fun, interact experience for quiz takers, but also strategically segment our quiz takers so we can better serve them & help their businesses grow!

Work your way backwards following these three steps:

  1. Big Picture Goal of Your Quiz
  2. Quiz Results
  3. Quiz Questions


Once you’ve walked through these steps, you can begin building your quiz in Interact! You can use one of their many templates, or create your own. You can also embed the quiz on your website (just like we did!) for a quiz experience that’s incredibly “on brand”!

Pro tip: After you create the quiz in Interact, send to a group of beta testers!! We sent our quiz out to a dozen creatives under the mantra of “progress over perfection”. Meaning: when we sent it out, it wasn’t branded & beautiful. I wasn’t testing the LOOK of the quiz, I was testing the RESULTS. I wanted to hear feedback on the questions, answers and overall quiz result(s), so I told our beta-tester to ignore the look & focus on the content. This allowed our team to be simultaneously branding the quiz AND beta testing the quiz (which sped up our launch timeline!)!

If you’re ready to jump into creating your own quiz, be sure to check out Interact!

And, if you haven’t yet: take our What’s Your Creative Personality?  quiz! Which creative personality are you?!


 How to Grow Your Email List Using Interact // Creative at Heart #emaillist #growingyourlist #marketing #creativeatheart #interact


Please note that while this document does include affiliate links, we only share content or resources that we either personally use, or can personally vouch for. We might get a small kickback for purchases made through these links but wouldn’t recommend any of these resources unless we trusted using them in our own businesses.

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