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Why This Non-Designer Loves Showit

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For non-designers (and non-tech savvy biz owners!), having a website platform you feel comfortable designing on can be a challenge.

I remember starting my business in 2013 with “web design” being one of my biggest pain points! I wanted something professional – something that didn’t scream “rookie” – but I didn’t have the funds to pay a web developer.

Last month, we talked a bit about web design here on the blog (check out the posts you may have missed here & here!). And I know that while they may have been helpful posts, for some of you “web design” may still be a pain point in your business. For so many years, it was for me, too!!! It was an area I desperately wanted to be able to master, yet I struggled with even the simplest of website edits. I didn’t like having to rely on hiring a designer for everything (although I do recommend hiring a designer for larger projects!). Yet I found that when I tried to DIY certain projects, I always ended up running to a designer for help!

Then I stumbled upon Showit

Why This Non-Designer Loves Showit // Creative at Heart #showit #website #webdesign

Showit actually reached out to Creative at Heart Conference and they began sponsoring our website in 2016. I was immediately smitten (yep, smitten) with several things about the company & platform:

Their drag-and-drop platform allowed this non-designer to design simple pages on my website. 


Am I officially calling myself a “web designer”? Nope. Do I feel confident to make changes to my site when needed without having to constantly hire a designer? Yes!

In 2016, I began switching all of my business sites over to Showit. Now, Creative at Heart Conference, Dear Sweetheart Events and Kat Schmoyer are all housed on Showit. While I have worked with some amazing designers on all of my websites, the beauty of Showit is that I don’t feel like I have to rely on my designers. Showit gives me the independence I need as an entrepreneur to tackle minor edits, revisions & even full out designs of simpler pages on my website.

I’m able to design landing pages like this:



And even design a sales pages as needed –


I can edit sections like this – 


And even purchase amazing templates like this to edit when needed Castelo Theme from The Palm Shop

Castelo Landing Page Theme from The Palm Shop

Having the ability to work on my website without the need to hire a designer at every turn saves me money AND time. For the first time 4 years, I have confidence in my ability to tackle website functions (even if they are simple ones!) and that’s all because of Showit’s easy-to-use platform!!

They have amazing customer service. 

The Showit team is small, yes, but they don’t let that stop them. They are quick to respond to questions, supportive of their customers & I love the “chat” feature! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve contacted them via their chat box when I’m working on projects for my site! I also met their team in Arizona last year and loved seeing the behind the scenes of their operation! They are such a fun group, and from one small business owner to another – it means a lot to know what I’m helping support by being a customer.

They use WordPress for their blogging platform. 

I’ve been using WordPress for my blog platform since 2013 and not only is it one of the most popular blogging platforms, but it’s familiar to me. I like that I’m used to it … and as a non-designer, the idea of switching to a different platform can feel daunting!! When I joined Showit, one of the perks was that I did not have to change my blogging platform. This allowed me to continue to blog via WordPress, but have a design on the easy-to-customize-and-oh-so-pretty Showit!

They partner with a variety of other small business owners for amazing templates. 

I don’t know about you, but as a small business owner I love supporting other small business owners. By using Showit, I’m not only supporting their company but I also have the opportunity to work with other small business owners and therefore support THEM!

If you’re looking for a beautiful, professional & easy-to-edit Showit theme, be sure to check out The Palm Shop!

If you’ve been searching or an easy-to-use website platform that doesn’t require you to understand design lingo or spend hours on end Googling “how-to’s”, I highly recommend Showit!

Click here to visit their website & take a look around!!


Be sure to connect with Kat here: 

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Please note that while this article does include affiliate links, we only share content or resources that we either personally use, or can personally vouch for. We might get a small kickback for purchases made through these links but wouldn’t recommend any of these resources unless we trusted using them in our own businesses.

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