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We’ve talked about email marketing a bit here on the blog. And you may remember from this post that we’ve mentioned some specifics to create an opt-in for your business. We recently took a whirl at a new method of list building, and wanted to share the ins & outs with you! Creating an Online […]

How to Grow your Email List using Interact

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C@H Family Feature

The Creative Family Feature is a monthly blog series featuring women & men in the C@H family who are building community & education right where they are. Whether it’s through hosting their own educational experience, building a community-driven team or fostering education with their industry peers, they are doing exceptional things in small business and […]

Creative Family Feature: WinMock at Kinderton

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Ever stared at the blinking cursor wondering how to start your email? Confused with what you should (or shouldn’t) say? Or what about when you should say what you’re supposed to say?    Sending an Email to your List doesn’t need to be complicated! In fact, there’s a simple Anatomy every newsletter can follow to […]

The Anatomy of an Email Newsletter

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Criticism in general just makes us cringe. I’ve never heard someone say “Oh, I love criticism!”!! Sure, constructive criticism helps us grow, but when we’re in the thick of it– no matter how constructive it is– it can be hurtful and hard to process.    Laylee Emadi invited me to join her on her podcast […]

Cultivating Community, Overcoming Criticism | So, Here’s The Thing Podcast

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Creative at Heart Round 9 Sponsors 17


Hi creative family! Emily here! I am so excited to share all about our Round 9 sponsors with you! Our sponsors are AH-MAZING and every single round we are so impressed with how well they love on our attendees and educators. This year’s sponsors were no different and it was such an honor to get […]

Creative at Heart Round 9 Sponsors

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Every year I (Kat) start the recap blog post with the same thing… How is it already over?!?!  Round 9 was a monumental conference for Creative at Heart. I’m humbly grateful to be the leader of such an amazing brand & vision! I look back at all Round 9 was & have a hard time […]

Creative at Heart Round 9 | Winston-Salem, North Carolina

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