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Creative at Heart Round 6 | Memphis, Tennessee


It’s hard to believe Creative at Heart Round 6 was one month ago – where has the time gone?!

Even though we’re hard to work bringing 2017 together, I wanted to take time to reflect back on this amazing conference experience!

We gathered together for our 3rd conference of 2016 (and our 6th overall) in Memphis, TN! The venue alone was incredible – full of southern charm & some of the nicest staff we have had all year! Everyone was so hospitable & the food was amazing! Barbecue, adorable duck themed desserts & coffee available 24-7? yes, please!

We heard from some of the industries best on topics like Client Experience, SEO, Contracts, Instagram, and so much more. From heartfelt to “straight-to-the-point”, attendees left with full hearts and full notebooks.

It was the best way to end 2016, and re-ignited my fire to push forward into 2017.

I can’t end this post without saying thank you to a few key people:

Matt – And the Husband of the Year Award goes to YOU. You used up personal days to serve our attendees, you gave up sleep, listen to my crazy notions & freak out moments. You learned about all the AV things (because let’s face it, I’m clueless in that area) & were truly my “partner” through it all. I love you.

Ashley & Emily – thank you for dedicated so much of your time to the conference! From set-up to tear-down to everything in between, you two are truly one-of-kind & have served me & this mission so selflessly!

Ashley & Tyler – thank you so much for documenting the behind the scenes fun! Your videos are always are favorite & we can’t image a conference without you!

Callie & Bethanne – thank you for these amazing images & for each attendee headshot (you too, Megan!)! You make my job so much easier & I’m grateful to have amazing images to share after the fact!!!

Our Speakers & Panelists – I asked, you answered. I will forever be grateful for the way you poured into our attendees … and MUCH you poured into them. Whether you were “on the stage” or walking around in the lobby, you were excited & willing to be there & serve. That means the world & I love you dearly!

Our Attendees – Last but most definitely not least … you invested time away from home, away from your business & away from your families; you invest hard-earned money & you invested yourself … I’m so, so glad you came. You helped me get my fire back, and for that I owe you everything. You laughed & cried & spend 2 days digging into your business. Thank you. C@H would be nothing without you!


There are so many more “thank you’s” to be said & “big hugs” to be given… but for now, enjoy my favorite images from Callie Lindsey Photography & Bethanne Arthur Photography

2016-12-12_0017 2016-12-12_0018 View More: View More: 2016-12-12_0020 View More: View More: 2016-12-12_0010 View More: 2016-12-12_0011 View More: View More: 2016-12-12_0008 2016-12-12_0009 2016-12-12_0014 2016-12-12_0015 2016-12-12_0016 2016-12-12_0019 2016-12-12_0012 2016-12-12_0021 2016-12-12_0022 2016-12-12_0025 2016-12-12_0024 2016-12-12_0027 2016-12-12_0030 2016-12-12_0028 2016-12-12_0033 2016-12-12_0029 2016-12-12_0032 2016-12-12_0031 2016-12-12_0023 2016-12-12_0034 View More: 2016-12-12_0026


xo! kat

(PS. 2017 conference details will be announced in January – along with a brand new website by With Grace & Gold! Sign up here to be the first to know!) 

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