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Creative at Heart Round 2 | Roanoke, Virginia



I’m sitting here in the C@H Round 3 hotel room writing a recap post on C@H Round 2…

Wait, what?!

8 months ago Creative At Heart was an IDEA … it wasn’t even a thing. And now here I am about to tour the venue for Round THREE and already planning rounds FOUR and FIVE.

Somebody pinch me!! #thiscantbemylife

The Lord works in mysterious ways and I’ve heard my friend Rhi say that sometimes we go out in search of one dream, only to find a better one. I believe that statement so fully embodies all the things Creative At Heart is for me. It lights a fire I never knew I had. It gives me hope and courage and I believe I was created for this very thing. How beautiful is that?!

C@H Round 2 was incredible, y’all! It was full of ugly crying, happy crying, girl talk, real talk and laughing until our belly’s hurt. I met some sweet new friends, and bonded with women I’ve known for years. I felt the Holy Spirit move. I felt the power of community. And I was reminded yet again why this movement is now just that…

See, it’s not about me. If I tried to do this all alone as ‘little old Kat’ this dream would NOT have manifested in this way… C@H is about so much MORE than me… and that’s exactly why I love it. Creative is about industry leaders who speak from the depths of their heart. Creative is about every sweet attendee finding a ray of hope and big bear hugs. Creative is about filling your mind with practical knowledge and filling your heart with JOY and LIFE. Creative is for ALL of you… because we’re all creatives at heart.

Creative is about meeting you where you are. If you’re broken and sad, I want you to come. I want you to find friendship and learn to trust this industry again. If you’re full of joy with so much to share, come and GIVE that to others!! I want us to SHARE in our highs and pick each other up in the lows. We’re not all that different, you and me. And C@H proves that. This movement is a movement because there is a NEED for LOVE and TRUST and COMMUNITY … and I’m just really, really grateful the Lord saw fit to bring it to life.

Enjoy a few iPhone picks from Round 2’s life changing experience. I hope I walk away with a heart this full after Round 20:)

2015-04-05_0001 2015-04-05_0004 2015-04-05_0007 2015-04-05_0008 2015-04-05_0003 2015-04-05_0002 2015-04-05_0005


xo!! kat

Group Images by Tyler Herrinton, with lighting from Justin Marantz. You guys are the best!:)

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