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The Anatomy of an Email Newsletter

The Anatomy of an Email Newsletter // Creative at Heart #marketing #listbuilding #creativeatheart #smallbusiness #emailmarketing

Ever stared at the blinking cursor wondering how to start your email? Confused with what you should (or shouldn’t) say? Or what about when you should say what you’re supposed to say? 


Sending an Email to your List doesn’t need to be complicated! In fact, there’s a simple Anatomy every newsletter can follow to get you the results you’re looking for. 

The Anatomy of an Email Newsletter // Creative at Heart #marketing #listbuilding #creativeatheart #smallbusiness #emailmarketing

The first & more important step when thinking about the Anatomy of your Email is to ensure there’s just one Call To Action (otherwise known as a CTA). 


By having one CTA per email, your reader knows exactly what you want them to do (no if’s, and’s or but’s about it!)! If you have multiple CTA’s in your email, your reader may not take action on the CTA with the highest priority! Think of your CTA as the main purpose of the email – why are you sending it? what are you asking people to do? 


You also want to link your CTA in multiple locations throughout the email. Don’t make your reader scroll to the bottom looking for a the button. Include a link in your text for those who don’t want to read & immediately take action on what you’ve asked them to do!! 


Here are a few examples of CTA’s you may have: 

  • Blog Post CTA: telling your reader to head to the blog for the latest post
  • Reply All CTA: asking your reader to hit reply & tell you something 
  • Join Now CTA: during a sales period when you are giving them a direct offer


While every newsletter needs one CTA, there are also 4 parts of the newsletter that are important to remember when sitting down to write: 


The 4 Parts of an Email Newsletter: 




Your introduction can be straightforward yet personal (Hi Rachel!) or curiosity based (Have you ever wanted to be a speaker at Creative at Heart?). A good introduction is short, efficient and grabs attention so your reader wants to keep reading and take action on the CTA.

Length: 1-2 sentences 




The body of your newsletter is the meat. You’re providing information your reader wants to hear (based on the intro). Your body can be one of three things: 

  • Curiosity-driven: if you want to continuing peeking their interest for the CTA
  • Benefit-driven: testimonial, why it’s important for them to take the CTA, what benefit they will receive if they follow your CTA 
  • Nurturing: give-give-give, provide additional tips, free content that fits with your CTA so they see how much you give & want to know more 

Length: 4-8 sentences 




The Close of your email stresses urgency. Why should you read take action on the CTA? Remind them quickly & be sure to link the CTA! 

Length: 1-3 sentences 




Your PS is a great way to keep it straightforward & push the CTA.  An example can be: “PS. Hey skimmer! I see you not reading my email 😉 Don’t worry – click here to join tomorrow’s free masterclass!” 


Your PS can also be a way you keep it personal & really showcase bits of your brand that make you unique / attractive to your ideal client. An example of a PS I use often is: “PS. Who watched the Bachelorette last night?! So far I’m loving Hannah & Jed together!!” 


Either way, the PS is a great way to continue connecting with your reader & give them a very specific CTA. 

Length: 1 sentence 


Permission Slip: Your newsletter doesn’t have to have all of these parts! You may find that sometimes you do & sometimes you don’t. However this is a good rule of thumb to follow! 


Are you using this simple 4-part-method when writing your email newsletters? 


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