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C@H Family Feature

Creative Family Feature: Crystal Swift


The Creative Family Feature is a monthly blog series featuring women & men in the C@H family who are building community & education right where they are. We’re inspired by the big things our family members are doing and love being able to celebrate alongside them!! Whether it’s through hosting their own educational experience, building a community-driven team or fostering education with their industry peers, they’re making big dreams happen all over the country!


This month’s Creative Family Feature is Creative at Heart 24/7 member, Crystal Swift!! 


Creative Family Feature Crystal Swift // Creative at Heart #community #makingthingshappen #creativeatheartfam #herestothecreatives #creativeatheartalumni


Tell us about your story! How did your business begin? We want to celebrate the highs & lows of your biz journey with you!

My business started in 2016! After 4 years of non profit event management, I yearned for something more intimate and more design heavy. So, I started The Crystal Collection which focused on wedding planning and design. While we still focus on wedding design, we also focus on creative direction + client experience for small businesses.



My favorite thing about building my own business is:

Being able to spread my knowledge and help others. New services mean expanding my reach to other creatives.


If I could give one piece of advice to another entrepreneur it would be:

Taking the time to work on your business, is just as important as working in your business, if not more! Investing in you WHY will give you a whole new appreciation for your unique craft.




In 2020, I’m most excited about these things in my business:

New services for creatives and their client experience!



Since joining the Creative at Heart family, this has happened in my business:

I have been able to go from side hustler to running my business full time


Before Creative at Heart I felt…

Lost in making decisions on my own and inadequate in my ability to take my business full-time.



Now that I am a part of Creative 24/7 I feel …

I feel like I am a part of a biz family! A family who encourages each other, supports each other, and most of all, we learn together.




If I could have coffee with anyone, it would be:

If I could have coffee with anyone, it would definitely be Katelyn James! Between her God-fearing spirit and her passion to help other creatives, brings me so much inspiration and joy. She also has the most perfect balance of showing life with family and behind the scenes of her biz.


If someone is on the fence about joining Creative 24/7, I’d tell them:

If you want to take your business to the next level, you MUST invest! And with the range of resources and information available through C@H, you will be able to learn and apply practical tips to any level you are in, in your business.





Connect with Crystal:Website//IG



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