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Coffee Chats with Kat, Marketing

Starting a YouTube Channel? Do this first! with Trena Little

 What to do First When Starting a YouTube Channel // Creative at Heart #youtube #youtuber #startingayoutubechannel #herestothecreatives

Coffee Chats with Kat is a weekly, candid video series with Creative at Heart founder, Kat Schmoyer. Creative at Heart’s mission is to encourage dreams & equip business so in true C@H fashion, Kat’s asked industry experts to do just that! These videos are unscripted & unedited – meant to feel like we’re all sitting down together at your fave local coffee shop. Sit back, relax & enjoy!


Are you thinking about starting a YouTube channel?!  



I’m new to the YouTube scene and still have a lot to learn when it comes to the platforms algorithm, batching content and figuring out exactly what my audience – AKA you 😉 – are looking for! So selfishly, I was excited to have Creative at Heart alum & educator, Trena Little, join me for this week’s coffee chat! She’s a YouTube guru and her advice is EASY, SIMPLE and PERFECT for those of you wondering if you should give YouTube a whirl. 


In this chat, you’ll learn:


  • The FIRST (and only) thing you need to do when starting a channel
  • How to know what your ideal client is looking for on YouTube (so you can create content meant for them!) 
  • The biggest mistake Trena’s made with her own YouTube channel! 


Watch the video today! 

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