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Coffee Chats with Kat

Finding Rhythm as a Parent & Small Biz Owner with Sarah Bradshaw

Finding Rhythm as a Parent & Small Biz Owner // Creative at Heart #parenting #balance #timemanagement #productivity #herestothecreatives

Coffee Chats with Kat is a weekly, candid video series with Creative at Heart founder, Kat Schmoyer. Creative at Heart’s mission is to encourage dreams & equip business so in true C@H fashion, Kat’s asked industry experts to do just that! These videos are unscripted & unedited – meant to feel like we’re all sitting down together at your fave local coffee shop. Sit back, relax & enjoy!


This week, we’re back with another heartfelt yet tactical episode:  



Sarah joins me as we talk about what it likes to balance parenting & running a business… the ups & downs of the daily juggle, and the rhythm we’re all looking for. She’s got 13 years of owning a photography business under her belt, and she shares ways she’s been able to establish rhythm and routine with two little ones in tow! 


A few things we talk about in this episode: 

  • Why it’s not “balance” but actually “rhythm” (and how it will look different for ALL of us!) 
  • First steps to creating rhythm
  • Why overcommuncation is key
  • How she handles communicating her schedule with clients 


Watch the video today! 




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