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5 Ways to Infuse Your Personality into Your Business and why it's so important!


In a sea of online business owners, we have to do something to stand out – infusing your personality into your business is the golden ticket that allows you to differentiate your offerings & relate to your ideal client. 

Why should Sally Jo by your online course and not your competitors? 

Why should she purchase your coaching package and not another coaches? 

Because our industry is a saturated market, products and offers are going to overlap. The easiest and simplest way to differentiate what you’re doing from what everyone else is doing is to infuse WHO you are into the process!  

For some of us, this may come across as easier said than done so I put together a few simple things you can start doing this week to showcase your personality to your potential customers


Focus on your strengths 

Do you enjoy video content? Maybe you love sharing off-the-cuff advice & tips? Instagram Stories and/or IG/FB Lives may be the perfect place for you!! You can not only share your expertise but also clue your audience in on how you talk, what you’re passionate about & the way you express yourself (Are you sarcastic or serious? Full of puns or straightforward?)

Maybe video content is not a current strength of yours – don’t force it! Sure, you may want to make it a goal to become more comfortable with but in the meantime, find an avenue that IS your strength. Are you a great writer? Try connecting via email or blog with your audience. Prefer micro-blogs like Instagram captions? Do that on the regular! Whatever it is, be sure to hone in on what you are GOOD at – the rest will come later! 

 👉 Not sure where to start? Write down 3 things you love doing in your business and consider a strength! Better yet – ask 2 friends to give you 3 things THEY see in YOU! You might be surprised! 🙂 


Answer the question “why you?”

Don’t underestimate the saturated market – instead, use that knowledge to help you leverage your sales copy & overall booking process. 

Your potential customers will likely be reaching out to several competitors trying to determine who is the best fit – boldly tell them what you do that others cannot. Explain WHY your process is different. Don’t shy away from confidently selling your products & services- giving them customer testimonials & end results that force them to see why YOUR product / service is the ONLY one for them! 

A great example of this is Jenna of In The Details, Darling. Jenna is a brand manager who focuses her business on helping other businesses succeed. She acts as a virtual assistant for brands looking to free up their time and outsource tasks to a detail-oriented-systems-lover like herself. If you’re in the market for a VA, you may feel overwhelmed with the options. (I know I have been when I’ve looked to grow my team!) Jenna does a crystal clear job of answering the question “Why Jenna?” on almost every page of her website. Sometimes bodly, sometimes subtly – either way, she’s constantly showing potential clients why Jenna is the best fit for their business detail needs. 

Jenna Daykin Personality on Webiste


Don’t be afraid to repel & attract 

As you begin infusing more of your personality into your business, you’ll naturally begin to turn others away. Embrace that! You cannot please everyone and shouldn’t try to! In fact, your products & services were not designed for everyone!! They were designed with your ideal client in mind and THAT is who you want to reach! Know that by infusing your personality into your business you’ll be doing your brand a favor – even if that means unfollows or unsubscribes. 

A great example of this is Megan Martin Creative. Megan is a Creative at Heart educator who offers custom web design and website template for creatives (she designed this site!). She infuses her love for bold color into her brand both on the web and on social media. Because of that, she will naturally repel creatives who prefer a lighter, airier aesthetic – and that is okay! Megan knows who her ideal client is & how her own personality (her love for color in home decor, clothes & web design) can relate to her ideal client; she leverages that EMBRACING that personality trait as much and as often as she can. 

Megan Martin Personality on Webiste


Be strategic in sharing personality-driving factors that relate to your ideal client

When showcasing more of your personality in your brand, you want to be strategic with who your ideal client is while also having a bit of fun! Ask yourself two questions (1) what is my ideal client looking to see more of? And (2) what is the personality of my ideal client? 

Because sharing your personality will repel & attract, we want to attract the right people! You need to understand if you ideal client is drawn to someone who is brash, someone who is sarcastic or someone who is genuine. Do they want tough love or a more kind-hearted response? Do they appreciate lengthy emails with lots of details or prefer a short & sweet approach? Understanding WHO your ideal client will allow you to see what PERSONALITY TRAITS of your own you can showcase online! You’re not changing yourself – instead you’re focusing on the traits you know will attract your ideal client. 

Caroline Logan is a perfect example of this – she is a past Creative at Heart educator and a wedding photographer based in Pennsylvania. Her brand has a light, airy and minimal aesthetic. She knows that her ideal client is attracted to intentional details and stunning images that have film like quality. She does not shy away from sharing those aspects of her own life on the web and on social media – she frequently talks about family & faith (showing an intentional, heartfelt approach to life & relationships that her brides love) as well as showing home decor & home style imagery (attracting her brides to both the images and the minimal, light aesthetic of the decor). These are all aspects of her own personality that relate strategically with her brands ideal client!  

Caroline Logan Personality on Webiste


Showcase seemingly random parts of yourself that have nothing to do with business 

This is the opposite of #4 yet just as helpful for your business! 

Think about the creatives you follow online – you likely enjoy following them because they share anecdotes from their day or life that do not relate to their business. Why? It makes them relatable. It shows you they’re human. It makes you laugh. It shows vulnerability. Whatever the case, by seeing another side of them you are more attracted to their brand as a whole & therefore more likely to purchase from them! 

Not sure where to start with this in your own brand? Start with 1-2 personality-driven things and see what happens! 

For example, maybe you love meal planning & want to share more about that on Instagram & Instagram Stories with your audience. Meal planning has seemingly nothing to do with your business, yet it’s a part of your personality you’d like to show for fun! Dedicate 30 days to sharing about meal planning. Not every day – but for one month make an intentional effort to jump on stories and share about grocery shopping adventures, meal prep tips & random, everyday meal planning things you partake in. After 30 days, take a poll. Ask your audience directly if they liked it! Get feedback from your people and then determine if you should continue with this fun, random personality content bucket or try something else! 

An example of someone who does this well is Lauren Carnes. Lauren is a Creative at Heart educator who offers communication coaching for creatives. She talks openly on instagram about her love for food and frequently shares recipes, quick meal tips & how she’s introducing her favorite foods to her toddler. From the outside looking in, it does not have a direct relation to communication coaching yet by showcasing her passion for this hobby she relates to her ideal clients who either (a) love food too or (b) want to love food as much as she does! 

Lauren Carnes Personality on Webiste

Which personality-infusing tip are you most excited to start implementing into your business? Comment below and let me know! 




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