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Pitching Yourself as a Speaker + Educator | So, Here’s the Thing Podcast


When Laylee asked me to return to her podcast – So, Here’s the Thing – to share openly about what I look for in an educator pitch, I was pretty excited! (Listen to my first episode with Laylee here!) 


Over the past 5 years as the Creative at Heart host, I’ve been pitched by a lot of educators. And as an educator myself, I have also done some pitching. I don’t have a perfect system, but I DO have some stories about what works and what doesn’t work!! 


How to Pitch Yourself as an Educator | So Here’s The Thing Podcast // Creative at Heart #community #smallbusiness #podcast #creativeatheart


A few key takeaways from this episode: 

  • The best pitches I’ve ever received (and why!) 
  • The worst pitches I’ve ever received (so you don’t make the same mistakes!) 
  • What I look for in a speaker pitch 
  • My unpopular opinion on “being an educator” in our industry


Listen to the episode here!


your cheerleader, kat



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