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Starting a business takes grit, determination and an official LLC application. You make the checklists, create the social media accounts and begin marketing yourself as a business owner. Contract? Check. IG Handle? Check. First paying client? Check. What they don’t tell you is that your mindset also matters! And I’ll go out on a limb […]

How to Build a CEO Mindset

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“No man is an island…” “There’s no ‘I’ in Team.” “Teamwork makes the dream work.”   We’ve all heard these motivational quotes time and time again. As cliche as they sound, they’re so true – especially for creative entrepreneurs. Why? Because if you want to achieve Oprah-sized dreams with your business, growing and scaling is […]

Growing & Leading a Team

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Outsourcing sounds scary and albeit, a bit “trendy”. You keep hearing that it’s not about hustle, it’s about rest. That you need to stop working so dang hard and start focusing on what matters most. And yet even though having a team underneath you and a one month business sabbatical sounds amazing, how do you […]

How to Build a Dynamic Virtual Team for Your Small Business

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