you're a go-getter!

You’re on the go, girl! That to do list feels a bit daunting, but you know you’ve got to keep your head down to make it happen! And make it happen, you will!

You’ve got clients on the books, busy days (and nights) ahead and while you love what you do (and do what you love!), you’re starting to feel a wee bit overwhelmed with it all. What you need? Some real talk about balancing a growing business & busy life, easy to implement tools to make your biz days more efficient, & a little bit of “I feel you, girl!” camaraderie!

you might be a go-getter if...

01. You’re a Doer: you’ve worked hard to build the business you have today and are ready to tackle #allthethings head on!

02. Your friends say you’re the hardest worker they know… and it’s probably true!

03. You have clients who love you and a thriving brand, but sometimes you feel overwhelmed by it all

04. You’re a Mover, always on the go from one thing to the next… you rarely kick your feet up!

05. The Creative at Heart Conference kicked your business into high gear & you dream of speaking one day!
06. You’ve got an established business plan & the client roster to prove it… but are ready for “what’s next?” 

sound about right? we've lined up our best go-getter resources & educators for you to learn from!

Not sure this is you? Oops! Even quizzes aren’t perfect! Click here to see the other personality types & feel free to reach out and tell us where we went wrong!

tools every go-getter needs

free tool

trello for business

Chances are you’d like a place to organize all those go-gettin’ to-dos! Trello is the perfect virtual home for all of your lists & systems.

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purple cow by seth godin

Set your brand & offerings apart from the rest with this insightful book!

build a list


You’re ready to get your email marketing game on! Using ConvertKit will allow you to stand out in the crowd and create an email marketing strategy that does the hard work for you!

use trello

read it

get started

educators to follow

shunta grant

The Legal Paige

shay cochrane

You’ve got the clients, and now you’re ready to wow them so you can start raising those prices & serving your target audience. Shunta shares all about how to wow & delight your customers!

Paige is our go-to for EVERY go-getter! Listen to her podcasts, watch her reels & be sure to grab the contract template your next go-getting adventure needs! 

While build a niche of her own, Shay learned and shares the secrets to owning your business… and how to stop letting your business boss you around. Plus, we’re *mildly* obsessed with Social Squares and think you’ll love it as much as we do!!

The difference between people who achieve their goals and people who don't is their ability to dust themselves off and wear their dirty clothes proudly.


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