You’re an independent woman. 
You love figuring it out & learning as you go.

Trial and error?

Late nights and Google?

Too much coffee, not enough H2O?


Double check.

Triple check.

But while you thrive under pressure, adore the thrill of being your own boss, and spend your days (& nights!) dreaming and scheming,

you’ve got one problem:

‘Cause as much as you love wearing all the hats & doing #allthethings, your closet’s overflowing & you’ve run out of room. Quite frankly, you have TOO many hats & not enough heads. 

You feel like you don’t have the brain capacity to figure one more thing out. You’re juggling endless to-do’s … big business ideas … and a WHOLE lot of exhaustion 

(joy-filled exhaustion, but exhaustion nonetheless!)

You just can’t do it alone anymore.

What if you didn’t have to do all this alone?

What if instead of countless hours solo, staring at your screen, you had someone to share in the lows AND the highs of small business, girlboss life?

You wouldn’t be drowning in your work & draining in your creativity, because you’d have a crew of like-minded accountability buddies, and:

An environment designed to make you brave in your business & your dreams

14+ educational sessions that pair practical, TANGIBLE take-aways (hello, business goal clarity!) AND heartfelt, hand-me-the-tissues-please moments.

A family that will not only strive to fix your pain points, but also ENHANCE your boasts, giving you the confidence to keep it up!

Confidence to charge what you’re worth, confidence to keep going when a leave-it-at-the-office job sounds easier, And confidence to dream bigger, bolder and braver than ever before - 

because you’re an independent lady with big dreams that deserve to be dreamed.

That’s why Creative at Heart Conference was dreamed up. After too many late-night Google searches, unanswered questions, & Diet Dr. Pepper drinking:

I knew something had to change. 

I knew what I needed, and I know you need it, too.

This sounds great, but gimme the nitty-gritty details.

August 6-9, 2017


Don’t worry. I see you. You want the facts. 
The when, where & who. Here ya go, girl:

(yep, we’re packing the house with the ladies you’ve been stalking online)

Merrimon Wynne in Raleigh, NC


50 creatives, 14 speakers, 12 breakout leaders & 12 panelists


Okay, Tell Me More:

VIP Welcome Party Sunday Night

Exclusive E-Book Only Available to Attendees

3 Days of Action-Packed Content

14 Keynote Sessions

12 Breakout Sessions

2 industry specific panel groups

New headshot 

Countless, heartfelt-hand-me-the-tissues moments

1 Late Night Pajama Party

3 lunches, 2 breakfasts, 1 dinner & plenty of treats (you won’t be hangry here)

Private Facebook group for all attending

Add on: A 7 Week Alumni Mentor Mastermind Exclusive to Round 7 Attendees

Yeah, I thought so. And I’ve got you covered

WAIT. There’s more. 




Ready to hear

about a NEVER BEEN DONE Creative at Heart Exclusive program?

Do you want to

our speakers, breakout leaders, & panelists?

Interested in

for Creative at Heart Round 7?

You’re tired of attending a conference, getting a business-high, then leaving & wondering how in the world you’re going to get it all done

You’ve heard the content, cried the tears & made amazing friendships. 

You’ve hung out with women you’ve idolized

You’ve left with a heart so full it just might burst --.

...So now what?

Yet your head might burst at the thought of formulating a plan to keep this feeling alive

(You know the feeling. You’ve been to in-person events before.)

(and realized their mere mortals just like you!). 

You’ve got a notebook filled with ideas.
Lots of ‘em.
Big, bold & brave ones
Ideas that will revolutionize your business
And you want to turn them into a plan.
I mean, who wouldn’t? 
You want to make them happen - don’t you?!
You want to be as big, bold & brave as all these ideas. 

And now, you can.

Creative at Heart Alumni Mentor Mastermind


A 7-week program exclusively for C@H Round 7 Attendees

the only mastermind led by women who have been exactly where you are

Receive one-on-one coaching to niche down and figure out exactly what YOU need, weekly accountability calls with women who are walking the same walk too, hot seats for challenging, I-need-to-hear-this conversation, 3 surprise guest speakers and a 30+ page post-conference workbook overflowing with post-conference get-it-done strategies.

Who are your Mentors?

Adrienne Rolon

Alex Estes

Bethanne Arthur

Ruth Pitt

Heart's Content Events & Design

Prairie Letter Shop

Bethanne Arthur Photography

Raise the Ruth Events

Wedding Planner, Designer, & Florist

Calligrapher, stationer, & lettering educator

Wedding Photographer

Wedding Planner

Woah! Tell me more, please

I thought you’d never ask:

*BONUS: Private 20 minute call with Kat before May 1

** There are only 12 Mastermind Spots Available **

7 Weeks: August 14 - October 1

Weekly Hot Seats

Smaller Accountability groups led by Alumni Mentors 

Weekly Live Calls with Kat

Weekly Accountability Check-ins with Alumni Mentors

3 Surprise Guest Speakers

30+ page post conference workbook featuring post conference strategies & bonus content

A Private Facebook Group for Mastermind Attendees

Say Hi to the Round 7 Educators!

We’ve invited 14 Keynote Speakers, 12 Breakout Leaders & 12 Panelists to attend alongside you.

They're human, just like you.

They eat cookie dough straight from the tube in their worn-three-days-in-a-row leggings, ugly cry when they watch This is Us and have thought a time or two about giving up. 

But they didn’t.

And they don't want you to either.

They’ve got the facts, the passion & the tools to push your business to the next level - 
Whadda say?

Your Speakers

Kat Schmoyer

Katelyn James

Tiffany Tolliver

Shay Cochrane

Kat Schmoyer

katelyn James photography

The EmmaRose Agency

SC Stockshop

Founder of Creative at Heart Conference, Owner of Dear Sweetheart Events

Wedding Photographer & Educator

Founder + Creative Director, The EmmaRose Agency

Product Stylist, Commercial Photographer & Founder of the SC Stockshop

Davey & Krista Jones

Hope Taylor

Myrna Daramy

davey & Krista

Hope Taylor Photography

Mezzohead Media

Davey - Brand Strategist; Krista - Brand Designer

Senior portrait & wedding photographer

Co-Founder and CEO of Mezzohead Media Corporation and Co-Founder of

Becky & Jesse Morquecho

Kelly & Andra

Shanna Skidmore


With Grace & Gold

Shanna Skidmore

Business coaches for creatives

Brand and Web Designers + Business Educators

Business Strategist & Financial Coach

Ashlyn Carter

Megan Martin

Elle Danielle

Ashlyn Writes

Megan Martin Creative

Elle Danielle Photography

Copywriter & Calligrapher at Ashlyn Writes

Brand & Content Strategist

Attorney + Wedding Photographer

Let’s be Brave: Finding Freedom in the Fear

MICRO CHANGES - MACRO RESULTS : The secret to transforming your business AND your life is starting with simple and subtle changes! You're not as behind as you think!

The Brand Passion Guide: Five Steps to Creating a Beautiful + Intentional Brand

Finding Your Niche: Trailblazing and finding your sweet spot!

Perspective & Pivoting - How to Grow Your Business

Overcoming Comparison: The real, the raw and the hard stuff 

SEO - The What, the Why, and the How? Learn the Fundamentals needed to have your brand found online

The Key to Profitable Marketing: Learn how to create a marketing plan that builds real connection but also puts money in your pocket.

 An Experience to Remember: 3 ways to ensure your Website is purposeful, professional, and designed for success

Money Mindset: How your mindset about money is affecting the way your business growth (in good and bad ways!) and what to do about it!

What to Say, When to Say It: The Creative's How-to Guide to DIYing your Copy

Serious Instagram Strategy: Learn how to authentically grow a relevant and engaged following that converts, while staying beautifully on brand!

Contracts for Creatives : Understanding the ins and outs of client contracts and how to use them to protect your business

Alex Estes

Randi Smith

Caroline Birgmann

Bonnie Bakhtiari

Prairie Letter Shop

Sugar Euphoria

Posh PR

B is for Bonnie Design

Calligrapher, stationer, & lettering educator

Cake Designer

Luxury Wedding & Event Planner

brand designer & strategist

Lacoya Heggie

Shay & Graham Cochrane

Jessica Rasdall

Hello Love Weddings

Wedding Planner + Calligrapher

Shay- Product Stylist, Commercial Photographer & Founder of the SC Stockshop 
Graham- Audio Engineer, Blogger and YouTuber

Motivational Speaker + Speaking Strategist for Creatives

Hand-Lettering and Envelope Art: A hands-on session that will teach you how to use simple techniques and supplies to dazzle your clients with hand-written notes.

Cupcake Decorating: learn a variety of cupcake decorating techniques that include filling, piping, and the creation of buttercream flowers.

The PR Behind the Pretty: Professional content curation + photo styling with @thecarolinedoll!

Curating an Intentional Vision: a hands-on session designed to help you hone the direction for your brand and business with heart and intention.

Mastering the Art of Balance: a round-table discussion for those who are pursuing work + life balance in the midst of an ever-hustling industry.

Creating Passive Income Sources: How smart businesses make money in their sleep.

Speaking Made Easy: Understand the different paths of public speaking and determine which is the best fit for you and your business 

Your Breakout Session Leaders

Kelly & Andra

Stephanie Thacker

Ashley & Tyler Herrinton

With grace & Gold

Steadfast Bookkeeping

The Herrintons

Bookkeeper for Creatives

Wedding Filmmakers + Educators

 Client-Winning Websites: A conversation about purposeful, professional design and a personal review of your Website Design

Bookkeeping Basics: Simplifying bookkeeping for your creative business so it becomes understandable and enjoyable!

Marriage + Business: A Round Table Discussion on Working With Your Spouse

Brand and Web Designers + Business Educators

Davey & Krista Jones

davey & Krista

Davey - Brand Strategist; Krista - Brand Designer

 Client-Winning Websites: A conversation about purposeful, professional design and a personal review of your Website Design

Jessica Rasdall

Shay and Graham

abby grace

Wedding & Anniversary Photographer, Educator

Emailing Like A Boss: Managing Your Inbox with Personality and Professionalism

Abby Grace Photography

Stephanie Shaul

Tarah Schoof

Tarah Elise Photography

Wedding Planner, Designer, and Stylist

Wedding and Elopement Photographer

Shaunae Teske

Bethanne Arthur

TahJah Harmony

Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer

Wedding Photographer

Lifestyle Photographer+Modern Calligrapher

Your Panelists

Adrienne Rolon

Heart's Content Events & Design

Wedding Planner, Designer, & Florist

Ruth Pitt

Raise the Ruth Events

Wedding Planner

Quaint + Whim

Laura Joseph

Maghon Taylor

Ash Bush

Wedding stationer and hand letterer

Calligraphy and hand lettering artist

Lettering Artist & Online Shop Owner

Paper & Honey

All She Wrote Notes

 Stephanie shaul Events

Bethanne Arthur Photography

Shaunae Teske Photography

Ash Bush

Dannie Fountain

Strategist, Author, Educator

Dannie Fountain

Hit me with the numbers.

I know investing in your business is downright terrifying. 
Will I see a return on my investment? How do I know if this is a good fit? What about the other expenses (flight, hotel)? 
I get it. 
I really, really do. 

Here at Creative at Heart, you’re getting more than what you bargained for.

But don’t take it from me. Here’s what C@H Alumni have to say:

In the best of ways.

Alright, this sounds too good to be true.

You’re getting over 30 hours of content, individual attention from educators across a wide variety of industries, one-on-one time with women who are just like you & practical, tangible tools to get it done. 

With over 300 alumni & 6 conferences in 24 months, this is a conference that works. 
It’s a conference that is worth it. 


Because of Creative at Heart...

I had the courage to quit my teaching job and pursue my photography full-time!!! 

- Loren Jackson

Because of C@H, I made my first profit last year and this year is looking to be a game changer for me.

- Stefani Lefler

Because of Creative at Heart I decided to be brave. I decided to take a risk and attend a conference before I had even officially started by business. Because of C@H I believed in myself to start my business as soon as I got home from the conference. And because of C@H I now get to be a stay at home mom and work on continuing to grow my business every day!

- Lindsay Johnson

Because of C@H I gained the confidence to take a look at my business with fresh eyes, dive into why I was passionate about it, and move forward with re-branding my business (with a designer I met at C@H!) and truly pulling out the personality of it to attract my ideal clients!

- Bethanne Arthur

Because of C@H I quit my 9-5, became a self-employed stay-at-home mom with my own business, and even felt the courage to start my very own community & event in my city of Portland. I've never felt more encouraged or like I had a family that truly cared about me and my success!

-Devan McCabe

Because of C@H, I learned that the essence of a true leader is rooted in servanthood, and the desire to encourage, uplift, and love those around you.

- Adrienne Rolon

At C@H, I met the women I looked up to. It hit me like a truck: THEY ARE JUST LIKE ME! They are like me because they are doing their best. They are like me because they have fears. They are like me because they have their own unique gifts. It was so refreshing to see them as mere mortals!

- Sterling Myers

Because of C@H I am no longer insecure about being a "work from home" wife. Because of C@H, I know that I have a family and sisterhood of amazing creatives that I can turn to. Because of C@H, I feel free in knowing that I can build an incredible business, while being unapologetically myself.

- Destinee Jackson

"The depth of knowledge and insight the panelists and speakers bring is priceless. From beginning to end, we were taught, nurtured and encouraged to do what our hearts are passionate about. Upon leaving, we were more than equipped to be sent out and continue to build our dreams."

- Jamie & Stacey Greene

you can join me for just $200*

*with the remaining balance split into equal payments

VIP Welcome Party Sunday Night (Aug 6)

3 Days of Action-Packed Content with 14  Keynote Speakers & 12 Breakout Leaders (that’s over 30 hours of education designed to transform your business) 

Hands on sessions

Round table discussion

Industry specific panel sessions

Heartfelt-hand-me-the-tissues Moments

A Late Night Pajama Party  

Food: 3 lunches, 2 breakfasts, 1 dinner & plenty of treats (you won’t be "hangry" here)

A Private Facebook group for all attending

New headshot by official conference photographers

Amazing goodies from our Sponsors

*BONUS: Exclusive E-Book Just For Attendees: “If You Only Do One Thing In 2017, you should…” (featuring 18 tips from C@H Educators) 


option 02.

3 Days of Action-Packed Content with 14 Keynote Speakers & 12 Breakout Leaders (that’s over 30 hours of education designed to transform your business) 

Hands on sessions

Round table discussion

Industry specific panel sessions

Heartfelt-hand-me-the-tissues Moments

A Late Night Pajama Party  

Food: 3 lunches, 2 breakfasts, 1 dinner & plenty of treats (you won’t be "hangry" here)

A Private Facebook group for all attending

New headshot by official conference photographers

Amazing goodies from our Sponsors


option 01.

VIP Welcome Party Sunday Night (Aug 6)

3 Days of Action-Packed Content with 14 Keynote Speakers & 12 Breakout Leaders (that’s over 30 hours of education designed to transform your business) 

Hands on sessions

Round table discussion

Industry specific panel sessions

Heartfelt-hand-me-the-tissues Moments

A Late Night Pajama Party
Food: 3 lunches, 2 breakfasts, 1 dinner & plenty of treats (you won’t be "hangry" here)

A Private Facebook group for all attending

New headshot by official conference photographers

Amazing goodies from our Sponsors

*BONUS: Exclusive E-Book Just For Attendees: “If You Only Do One Thing In 2017, you should…” (featuring 18 tips from C@H Educators) 

7 Week Accountability Mastermind with Kat & C@H Alumni Mentors following the conference
Lead by alumni, for alumni: the only mastermind group lead by peers who have been 
right where you are! (August 14 - October 1)

Weekly Calls + Hot Seats

4 Alumni Mentors

Weekly Live Calls with Kat (7 total)

3 Surprise Guest Speakers throughout the Mastermind

30+ page post conference workbook featuring post conference strategies & bonus content

A Private Facebook Group for Mastermind Attendees

*BONUS: Private 20 minute call with Kat before May 1



option 03.







 *14 day flash sale rate 2/1-2/14

This is great, but I can’t afford it right now.

Payment plan for the win! Reserve your seat for just $200*

*with the remaining balance split into equal payments




We’ve put together a list of hotels nearby, but also suggest Airbnb! 

02. Since lodging is not included in the registration fee, where should I stay?

Holiday Inn Raleigh Downtown 

Hampton Inn Raleigh Downtown 

Sheraton Raleigh Downtown

Days Inn Raleigh Downtown


We encourage attendees to room together so you maximize your experience! Every attendee is placed in a Facebook group; you’re able to connect with other attendees and find one, two or several roomies this way! 

03. I’d like to room with another attendee; do you arrange roommates?


We suggest the Raleigh/Durham International Airport - it’s about 25 minutes from the Merrimon-Wynne! You’re welcome to rent a car, however Raleigh has a large uber population so if you prefer to avoid the stress of driving, you can grab an Uber! 

04. I’m not local to Raleigh, what airport should I use & should I rent a car?


Right now, our focus is quality over quantity. We’ve put together a rockin’ lineup for Summer 2017 and want to focus on raising the bar. A Fall 2017 isn’t completely off the table, but we won’t know until later this year. If you’re on the fence, Summer 2017 is the place to be.

05. Will you be doing another C@H in 2017?


Of course! We know seeing that number is intimidating!! You can reserve your seat for $200 with the remaining balance split into 2 or 3 payments (depending on which registration option you choose). After you register, you’ll receive a contract outlining the payment plan process and submit your payments via Honeybook.

06. Are there payment plans available?


Nope (promise!)! Being a creative at heart is more than just timelines and off-camera flash. We know you may not believe us (it’s okay - we won’t hold it against you!), so we asked this very question to alumni who aren’t in the wedding industry:

07. Is this specific to wedding industry creatives?

"Attending C@H was one of the best decisions I made for my business in 2016. All of the speakers had so much wisdom to share. After the conference, I was able to take it and apply it directly to my business. I also connected with some amazing creatives from the wedding industry and beyond and I'm still in touch with many of them today. Even if you aren't in the wedding industry, I highly recommend attending C@H!"
Katie Williamsen
Web & Social Media Strategist

"As creative entrepreneurs, there are common threads that we all share - fear of business growth, questions about the core of what we're supposed to be doing, and how the heck do we keep ourselves organized. As a non-wedding industry creative, I was able to attend C@H and gain not only some answers to these questions and concerns, but also share a different perspective with the community in attendance and help others find the same."
Dannie Fountain
Author. Strategist. Educator.


Absolutely! We have had quite a few husband & wife teams attend. While the conference is geared toward women, we know that attending with your spouse is important! As long as he’s okay with being in the minority, and seeing quite a bit of pink (and tears), he’s more than welcome. You will need to purchase 2 tickets; please email us if you have questions or concerns about this specifically! (PS. Matt would love to have a few more guys there!)  

08. I am a part of a husband-wife team; can my husband attend?


How will you ever make those lasting relationships, how will you ever grow, if you don’t put yourself out there and do it? I get it - having a conference buddy makes things so much easier. But what if you meet your conference buddy because you attend the conference? (You’ll also be able to connect with the other attendees in the Facebook group leading up to August!) 

09. What if I don’t know anyone attending?


You’re afraid. This is a new dream for you - a new path. You have no idea what’s in store but hope & pray you can make this thing work. Your family may think you’re a little nuts for craving the entrepreneurial lifestyle, and you doubt yourself & your abilities every single day. “What if I can’t do it? What if I’m not good enough, brave enough, talented enough?” Here you’ll get the CONFIDENCE you crave to kick that feeling to the curb; you’ll also get the TOOLS you need to create a sustainable, profitable business. Because of Creative at Heart, our alumni have launched their business, left their full-time job and started their own communities in their area! You’re going to meet women from all over the country doing just what you’re doing - and helping you do you even better. 

10. What if I’m been in business less than one year (or it’s not even technically a business yet)?


You’ve been around the block a few times. You’ve been to a few conferences (and maybe you’ve even been to C@H!). You know the late nights it takes to build a sustainable business, struggle with workaholic tendencies & spend way too much time answering emails. Creative at Heart is for you, too. Here you’ll be surrounded by women who think like you - women who struggle to close their laptop when their spouse gets home and ask themselves “what’s next for my biz” all the time. You’ll be surrounded by women ready & willing to take their dream to the next level - whatever level that might be. You’ll hear about the systems needed for continuing growth, the accountability required to get it done & the freeing feeling of saying “Woah! You too?! I thought I was the only one!”.

11. What if I’ve been in business for 3-5 years? Is this content challenging enough for me? 


Registration will open Feb 1 and close February 14 (or until all 50 seats are gone!). We do expect seats to go quickly because this is currently our only in-person even for 2017!

12. How long will registration be open? 


We’re opening up 50 seats for our Round 7 experience, but only 12 of those 50 are for the Alumni Mastermind Program. This program will focus on get-it-done content and we want to size to be intimate for the best experience possible.

13. How many spots are available for the Alumni Mastermind Program?


Just yourself! We’ll take care of the rest - we promise! (We do suggest you bring comfy PJ’s for the Late Night Treat, and your favorite on-brand outfit for headshots! Anything else in that over-stuffed suitcase is up to you!) 

14. What do I need to bring?


Oh, I’m glad you asked! We’ll be announcing a few online events along with some surprises we’re working on just of you (hey. we can’t share all our secrets yet!)

15. If you’re currently only doing one in-person conference this year, what else will C@H be doing?


We Love our sponsors!

A special thank you to the servant-hearted Alumni Volunteers who will also be joining us in Raleigh -

Jenn Pochobradsky (Round 1 Alumna)

Katie Hollstein (Round 3 Alumna)

Sharon Houston (Round 4 Alumna)

Hannah Bailey (Fall for C@H Alumna)

Photo & Film

A special thank you to these men & women for providing images for our attendees to enjoy after the conference is over, including a headshot! And a big thank you to our videography team who has been with us from Round 1!

The Herrintons

Product & Service Sponsors

We are so grateful to partner with the following businesses on goodies for swag bags, services & additional resources for our attendees. Each sponsor helps to enhance our Round 7 experience, and we couldn’t do it without them!

If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor, please email us here: 

Questions? Hesitant?

Tell me. Let's make Round 7 happen for you.

Afraid of all the big & bold things you want to do?

Here's to the Creatives

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